1855 7 Ave. Housing Dev. Fund v. Wigfall, New York County Landlord-Tenant Court, Index No. 81069/2010

In this residential landlord-tenant case, a co-op board was successfully able to terminate a tenant-shareholder’s proprietary lease based upon objectionable conduct in violation of the House Rules and  the Proprietary Lease that created a nuisance and an unhealthy

Kaplan v. Park South Tenant Corp., New York County Supreme Court, Index No. 157669/2013

While the business judgment rule often protects a decision by a co-op board from legal challenge, there are times when it does not.  As a recent decision by New York County Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron demonstrates, the Board’s business

Goldstone v. Gracie Terrace Apartment Corp., Appellate Division, First Department Index No. 604235/2007

This case confirms that irreparable harm is a critical element of any application for injunctive relief. After suffering extensive damage to her co-op apartment, the co-op proposed repairs to the apartment that would have reduced the square footage of the 1,400 square