New York City real estate professionals work in the most complex legal environment in the United States.   This blog, written by a litigator with over twenty years experience, aims to help real estate professionals and attorneys cut through the complexity.

The legal environment for real estate operators is constantly changing.  By reporting on recent court decisions and emerging legal issues, this blog will act as a guidebook. It will identify safe pathways and explain how to avoid traps for the unwary.  A variety of legal issues confronting real estate operators will be addressed.   The emphasis, however, will always be on providing up-to-date information and identifying practical solutions for real estate professionals, both those that find themselves in litigation and those who wish to avoid it.

The goal of this blog is to serve as a resource to the New York City real estate community. Thus, comments and questions are always welcome as they allow the author to focus posts on the issues that actually concern real estate professionals as opposed to the issues that, while interesting, are merely academic.

This blog is offered in the hope that it makes the complex a little simpler, the confusing a little clearer, and the difficult a little easier.  I hope you find it useful.