SPRE Realty, Ltd. v. Dienst, First Department 651671/2013

The Appellate Division, First Department has clarified the test for whether a broker is entitled to a commission in the absence of a written agreement. In SPRE Realty, the plaintiff-broker showed the defendants a two-unit, duplex, condominium apartment at 397 West 12th Street during the

Azad Property Group, LLC v. Willspring LLC, Supreme Court, New York County, Index No. 656626/2013

Commercial Division Justice Marcy Freidman has allowed a broker’s claim for breach of an implied-in-fact contract to pay a commission to survive a motion to dismiss.  In this case, the plaintiff alleged that although it did not have a

 Massey Knakal Realty of Brooklyn, LLC v. Neivens Realty Corp., New York County Supreme Court Index No. 651746/2011.

Can a real estate brokerage firm collect a sales commission if the broker is unlicensed?  Justice Elieen Bransten of the New York County Commercial Part held that it could. In this case Massey Knakal, a New